China-Chic Illustration

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China-Chic Illustration


Publisher: Hightone Publishing

Publishing Time: 2021

Binding: Hardcover

Size: 210*285 mm

Pages: 260

Language: Traditional Chinese

ISBN: 978-988-74597-3-6


An illustration collective book focusing on China-chic illustration. 49 renowned illustrators from home and abroad are invited to reveal the secrets of composition, colours and elements from the illustrators' point of view, including 12 interviews with popular illustrators. The collection presents 300+ unique works and precious sketches, including drafts, line drafts and colour drafts, showcasing the illustrators' creative ideas and outstanding techniques. A summary of the six elements of China-chic illustration: subject, composition, colour, scene, character dressing and techniques, so that even beginners can quickly master the skills of China-chic illustration. Selected palettes to help get rid of the stuck of inspiration for colour combination.

China-Chic Illustration
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