Scripted: Custom Lettering in Graphic Design

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Scripted: Custom Lettering in Graphic Design

Curating: Hightone

Publishing Time: 2017-04-01

Binding: Hardcover

Size: 16

Pages: 240

Language: Chinese

ISBN: 9787568042093


Within the world of graphic design, lettering is basically illustrating with words, phrases or numbers in order to convey unique visual personality to our message. After decades of using software as their exclusive work tool, graphic designers today are re-discovering the creative and expressive power of handmade letters: lettering has a distinctive visual and physical effect, and provides endless possibilities of expressing ideas through a more artful use of type, texture and volume. This results in more personal, timeless effects and a richer aesthetic experience.Scripted collects a wide diversity of proposals produced by graphic designers and typographers from around the world using custom lettering.


Scripted: Custom Lettering in Graphic Design
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