Aesthetica Botanica: A Life with Plants

Book Details

Aesthetica Botanica: A Life with Plants

Publisher: Sandu

Publishing Time: May 2018

Binding: Hardcover

Size: 190 x 255 mm

Pages: 256

Language: English

ISBN: 978-988-78527-6-6


Are you eager to approach the lush nature in the bustling city town? Or having a passion to feel the tender in your humble living or working place? Well, all you need is just bringing the plants inside and live your unique botanical life! From the delicate floral to lush leaves, fleshy succulents and even moss, plants are not just a new décor which fills your place with mildness and grace or help refresh your body and feed your soul against the daily burdens, but they can even become your daily hobbies, art inspirations, lovely friends or career companions, leading you to enliven your life with natural aesthetics.

In Aesthetica Botanica: A Life with Plants, you will meet florists and artists, botanical designers and bloggers, and many other plant enthusiasts to see how plants can go perfectly with their unique living and working places like home, studio, and workshop. They will share their stories with these natural creatures and offer some inspirations of their intriguing works. You can explore the realm of romance and freshness through this book.

Aesthetica Botanica: A Life with Plants
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