Teahouse Styles

Book Details

Teahouse Styles

Publisher: Guangxi Normal University Press

Publishing Time: 2018-09

Binding: Hardcover

Size: 16

Pages: 246

Language: Chinese

ISBN: 9787559811400

With the improvement of living standards and the growth of consumer demand, the tea industry is developing faster and faster. While communicating the complete brand image and improving the efficiency of the service content, the owners of tea bar also gradually realize the importance of space design. As the designer, founder and consumer of the tea brand, the editor analyzes the design of the tea bar in this book. In addition to focusing on the visual performance of the space and the gradual improvement of the aesthetic level of the public, this book also presents a richer and more diverse form of tea bar works through several of the most popular tea bar styles on the market. For the reader to analyze the tea bar design from multiple angles, let more groups understand the diversified development of the tea market and the fashion trends of tea bar design.

Teahouse Styles
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