Typographic Design in China

Book Details

Typographic Design in China

Publisher: Sandu

Publishing Time: 2019

Binding: Hardcover

Size: 130 x 170mm

Pages: 684

Language: Chinese/English

ISBN: 9789887947455

Typographic Design in China is divided into three parts: "Typographic Design in China " Invitational Exhibition, Typography in Modern China Lilterature Exhibition and "Global Context" Typographic Design Forum. The book is framed and bilingual. The paper is beautifully selected. "Typographic Design in China " Invitational Exhibition included more than 400 works by nearly 200 designers active in the field of graphic design in China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, Europe, America, Japan and Korea. Among them, there are 127 people in mainland China, 25 in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and 35 overseas designers. 


Typographic Design in China
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