The Series of Artist: HOKUSAI

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The Series of Artist: HOKUSAI

Publisher: Hightone

Publishing Time: 2021

Binding: Hardcover

Size: 185*260 mm

Pages: 256

Language: Traditional Chinese

ISBN: 978-988-74596-4-4

The book begins with five types of ukiyo-e infographics, giving readers a brief but comprehensive introduction to the mini-history of Japanese ukiyo-e to understand where Katsushika Hokusai is located in ukiyo-e.

To reproduce the real-life atmosphere and creative trajectory of the ukiyo-e master, the book shows six major periods of Hokusai with his art name " Shunrō ", " Sori ", "Katsushika Hokusai", " Taito ", " Iitsu " and " Gakyō Rōjin". The six chapters are interspersed with essays on the historical background of the Edo period and the development of ukiyo-e, closely linked to the anecdotes of Hokusai's life and artistic creation.

The collection includes 45 hand-drawings, more than 200 woodblock prints, and nearly 150 illustrations of novels and poems, covering beautiful and courtesans, townspeople, mountains and rivers, plants and animals, monsters and ghosts.

The final chapter concludes with an infographic of Hokusai's artistic influence, allowing the reader to experience Hokusai's legendary artistic life as clearly and briefly as possible.

The Series of Artist: HOKUSAI
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